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C Language

Course Content

1 Introduction to Programming, Classifications of Programming Languages, Introduction to Compiler, Interpreter, Overview of C, Algorithm, Flowchart.
2 Datatypes,Constants,Variables in C
3 Managing Input and Output Operation
4 Operators and Expressions
5 Decision Making and Branching (if, if-else, else if, nested if, switch..case)
6 Decision Making and looping (break, continue, while,do-while,for )
7 Arrays
8 Character Arrays and Strings
9 User-defined Functions in C
10 Structures and Unions
11 Pointers
12 File Management in C
13 Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked List
  • Allocation block of Memory (Malloc)
  • Allocation Multiple Blocks of Memory :Calloc
  • Releasing Used Space : free
  • Altering the size of block : Realloc
  • Concept of Linked list, Advantages of Linked lists
  • Create,Insert,Delete Operations of Singly Linked list