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C Language

C Language

What is a Language?

  • Language which contains characters, words, sentences,...
  • Language is totally User-defined (That means Depends on our mind set)
  • We used to have different languages to communicate with People
  • What is a Programming Language?

  • In which way we communicate with the people , Same way to communicate with Computer we use Programming languages, Program in the sense set of instructions
  • We only giving input to system to get the result, so programming language is User-defined.
  • Who eligible to Learn C Language

  • Who have passed Class 12th
  • Who interested to develop Programming skills with Basic Computer Knowledge
  • C - Language is essential to become a Good Programmer
  • C - Language is very Basic Essential to learn C++,Java,.Net,Phython,DataScience,.... etc
  • C - Language is Basic Knowledge for BSC(cs),BCom(Computers),BTech(All Branches)

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