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Why Excel?

Excel skills are highly valued by employers because of the variety of ways it can be leveraged. By Attending Excel classes, you will learn more advanced ways to use Excel that will help you stand out in the job market. Excel can be used in a variety of contexts, including:
  • Creating schedules for staff
  • Managing budgets
  • Tracking revenues and expenses
  • Managing inventory
  • Creating charts, visualizations, and dashboards to represent data.
  • Excel training makes you more efficient

    The more you advance your Excel skills, the more efficiently you will be able to complete a variety of projects and tasks. For example:

  • Conditional Formatting allows you to apply a format to a cell or a range of cells based on a given criteria which will make data easier to read.
  • Pivot tables and charts will allow you to quickly identify trends in large datasets and inform business decisions.
  • Learning Excel prepares workers for financial positions Many finance-related positions rely on and can benefit tremendously from good Excel skills.

  • Accounts can leverage Excel in addition to financial management softwares.
  • Financial analysts often use Excel as the primary tool for financial modeling.
  • Business analysts can leverage Excel for reporting and analysis capabilities to inform business decisions.
  • Non-traditional workers also benefit from Excel Classes

    Journalists are frequently faced with large amounts of information and can leverage Excel to do so efficiently. Sales professionals can use Excel to manage leads across various stages of the sales funnel.

    Freelancers may benefit from using Excel to manage their time, finances, and jobs.

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