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Informatica -ETL products and services are provided to improve business operations, reduce big data management, provide high security to data, data recovery under unforeseen conditions and automate the process of developing and artistically design visual data. They are broadly divided into-

  • ETL with Big Data
  • ETL with Cloud
  • ETL with SAS
  • ETL with HADOOP
  • ETL with Meta data etc.
  • ETL as Self-service Access
  • Mobile optimized solution etc.,
  • Why is Informatica ETL is in boom?
  • Accurate and automate deployments
  • . Minimizing the risks involved in adopting new technologies
  • . Highly secured and trackable data
  • Self- Owned and customizable access to the permission
  • Exclusive data disaster recovery, data monitoring and data maintenance.
  • Attractive and artistic visual data delivery.
  • Centralized and cloud-based server.
  • Concrete firmware protection to data and organization network protocols.
  • Pre-requisites to learn INFORMATICA Knowledge of SQL, especially functions, joins, sub-queries, etc. What will you learn in this INFORMATICA training course?

  • Informatica architecture and Informatica Power Center
  • Installation and configuration of Informatica
  • Managing and monitoring Informatica workflow
  • PowerCenter handling Jobs and Tasks
  • Informatica workflow variables and session parameters
  • Working with Informatica Admin Console
  • Informatica performance tuning
  • Managing Informatica Repository
  • ETL functionalities and scenarios
  • Informatica SQL and XML transformation
  • Preparing for Informatica certification