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Course Content

What will you learn in this SSIS?

  • Importance of data integration process
  • Introduction to ETL and data warehousing concepts
  • Data cleansing and profiling for improving data quality
  • Connecting to a data source with Connection Managers
  • Data transformation, PIVOT and UNPIVOT transformation
  • Characteristics of SCD and various SCD types
  • Constructing SSIS packages and package configuration
  • Constraints and event handlers in SSIS
  • SSIS object model automation
  • What will you learn in this SSAS?

  • How SSAS helps in deploying quality BI solutions
  • Designing Online Analytical Processing Cubes
  • Querying and manipulating data with MDX
  • Cube hierarchy extension and advanced dimension relationship
  • Data source views and data schemas
  • Deploying data mining for improved Business Intelligence
  • Cube operations and limitations
  • In-memory analytics techniques
  • What will you learn in this SSRS?

  • SSRS and its architecture
  • Components of SSRS Report Building tool
  • Data flow in various components
  • Difference between Matrix and Tabular reports
  • Working on multiple data types to create stellar reports
  • Building a dashboard and drilling down reports
  • Report authorization and authentication methods