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Roles and Responsibilities of DBA

  • Installing Oracle software
  • Creating Oracle databases
  • Performing upgrades of the database and software to new release levels
  • Starting up and shutting down the database
  • Managing the database's storage structures
  • Managing users and security
  • Managing schema objects, such as tables, indexes, and views
  • Making database backups and performing recovery when necessary
  • Proactively monitoring the database's health and taking preventive or corrective action as required
  • Monitoring and tuning performance
  • Pre-requisites to learn Oracle DBA:

    Knowledge of SQL & PL/SQL

    Scope of DBA:

    Oracle DBA will definitely be in action as long as the databases are there. But we need to keep improving our self and updated with the latest technologies. For example as of now, traditional DBA work is minimal as the databases itself has convenient monitoring and alert systems (Oracle Enterprise Manager). All THE work which DBA used to do manually are now automated with this solution.

    However there are many new areas of growth for DBA. Oracle RAC, Oracle Exadata, Golden Gate, ADM, Oracle Cloud Computing are new areas of growth you can cash in. These technologies are relatively new and skilled professionals are less, which makes the demand high.

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