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Sales Force

Course Content:

Sales force Administrator & Developer CONTENT:

Sales force Overview

  • Introduction to Sales force
  • Sales force Editions, Home Page Customization
  • User Management, Creating and Customizing Tabs, Creating an App
  • Uploading a Company Logo, Company Information Page, System Overview Page
  • Updating the Fiscal Year
  • Sales Cloud

  • Introduction to Sales Cloud
  • Leads Home Page , Creating List Views, Creating and Converting Leads
  • Creating Accounts, Creating Contacts, Creating Email Templates
  • Sending Individual Emails, Sending Mass Emails, Creating and Managing Price Books
  • Creating Products, Creating Opportunities, Creating Activities, Creating a Web-to-Lead Form
  • Creating a Lead Assignment Rule, Creating a Lead Queue
  • Creating an Auto-Response Rule, Creating campaigns, Record Types
  • Quote Templates

  • Introduction to Quote Templates
  • Creating a Quote Record, Quote Template, Generating , Emailing a Quote PDF
  • Modifying Quote Templates.
  • Service Cloud

  • Introduction to Service Cloud
  • Creating cases, Creating case Assignment Rules, Creating case Escalation Rules
  • Enabling Solutions, Creating Solutions, Attaching Solutions to Cases
  • Enabling Knowledge, Configuring Knowledge, Creating a Web-to-Case Form
  • Creating Email-to-case Address
  • Field Types

  • Introduction to Field Types
  • Modifying Standard Fields, Creating Auto-number Fields, Creating Formula Fields
  • Creating Roll-Up Summary Fields, Lookup, Master Detail Fields, Checkbox Fields
  • Creating Currency, Number, Percent, Date, Date and Time, Phone and Email Fields
  • Creating Geolation,Picklist , Multi-Select Picklist , Text, Text Area
  • Creating Text Area Long , Text Area Rich Fields, Encrypted Fields, URL fields
  • Sales force Objects

  • Introduction to Sales force Objects
  • Standard Object Components,Renaming,Modifying Standard Objects
  • Understanding External Objects, Creating Custom Objects.
  • Creating Buttons, Links, and ActionsM

  • Creating Buttons, Links and Actions
  • Creating New Records with Actions, Logging a Call with Actions
  • Updating a Record with Actions, Creating Custom Buttons, Creating Custom Links.
  • Visual Workflow, Process Builder, and Schema Builder

  • Introduction to Visual Workflow, Process Builder and Schema Builder
  • Creating a Visual Flow, Modifying Existing Flows
  • Creating a Process in the Process Builder, Creating Fields in the Schema Builder
  • Validation Rules

  • Introduction to Validation Rules
  • Creating Validation Rules, Creating Formulas, Error Messages
  • Workflow Rules

  • Creating a Workflow Rule, Workflow Rule Field Update, Workflow Rule Task Assignment
  • Creating a Workflow Rule Email Alert
  • Lightning Components

  • Installing Lightning components, Lightning Component Capabilities
  • Lightning Components vs.Visualforce
  • Role History

  • Viewing Role History, Creating Roles, Enabling Field History, Creating Groups
  • Creating Permission Sets, Assigning Roles to Users.
  • Security Controls

  • Introduction to Security Controls
  • Viewing Object Security ,Changing Default Record Access
  • Sharing Settings, Field Accessibility, Password Policies, Session Settings, Login Flows
  • Network Access, Activations, Session Management, Login Access Polices
  • Certificate and Key Management, Viewing Setup Audit Trial, Executing expire all Passwords
  • Delegated Administration, Remote Site Settings, Named Credentials
  • File Upload and Download Security
  • Profiles

  • Standard Profiles Overview, Assigning Page Layouts, Field-Level Security
  • Custom App Settings and Access, Tab Settings, Record Type Settings
  • Administrative Permissions, General User Permissions, Standard Object Permissions
  • Custom Object Permissions, Password Policies and Session Timeout
  • Login Hours and IPRange,Enabling Apex and Visual force Access.
  • Chatter

  • Chatter Overview, Enabling Chatter, Chatter Feeds on Records
  • Configuring Chatter Groups, Creating Customer Groups, Free Customer Chatter User
  • Customizing Chatter Email Notifications, Configuring Sales force to Sales force
  • Accepting Salesforce Connection, Sharing an Account via Sales force to Salesforce
  • Enabling Ideas, Configuring Idea Themes, Enabling Social Accounts
  • Libraries and Content
  • Reports

  • Understanding Report Formats, Creating a Leads Report, Contacts and Accounts Report
  • Creating an Opportunity Report, Adding leads to a Campaign from a Report
  • Creating Reporting Chart, Scheduling Reports, Creating a Campaign Report
  • Summarizing Report Data, Creating a Report Formula, Exporting Reports to Excel.
  • Dashboards

  • Understanding Dashboard Components, Creating, Refreshing a Dashboard
  • Modifying Columns on Dashboards, Adding Filter to Dashboard, Managing Access to Reports
  • Adding a Report as a Dashboard Component, Setting up Dynamic Dashboards
  • Enabling Dashboards for iPod, Modifying Report and Dashboard Interfaces
  • Activating the Report Builder on Profiles.
  • Data Management



    Change Sets and Deployment

    User Interface

    Application Lifecycles


  • Developing a Billing System Application
  • Developing and Inventory Management Application
  • Developing an Insurance Policy suggesting Application