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Testing Tools

Course Content:

Software Test Career Path:

  • QA Analyst
  • Sr. QA Analyst
  • QA Team Coordinator
  • Test Manager
  • Senior Test Manager
  • Manual Testing:

    Software Testing Overview

    What is Software?
    How we will get project from Client
    What are Bidding, Estimation and Signing Off?
    What is Kick-Off Meeting?
    What is Project Initiation Note?
    Introduction to Software Testing
    Why you choose Testing
    Objectives of Testing
    Importance of Software Testing
    When we start Testing and stop Testing
    General Activities of Test lead and Test Engineers
    What is Project and Product?
    What is Quality?
    Why Software has defects
    Most Common Defects
    Why we need Testing Difference between Manual Testing and Automation Testing

    Process of Initiation of a Project

    Software Testing Methodologies:

    White Box Testing (WBT), Black Box Testing (BBT), Gray Box Testing (GBT)

    Levels of Testing:
    Unit level testing, Module level testing, Integration testing, System testing,
    AT Static Testing Techniques
    Reviews, Types of Reviews, Inspection and Audits, Walkthrough.
    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process
    Business Requirement Phase, Software Requirement Phase, Designing

    Coding , Testing , Maintenance and Delivery
    Software Development Life Cycle Models: Prototype Model, RAD Model, Spiral Model

    V-Model (Verification & Validation), Water Fall Model
    Agile Methodology
    Interactive Model
    Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) process
    Test Initiation, Test Plan, Test Design, Test Execution, Track Defect, Test Close
    Defect Life Cycle (DLC)
    How we will detect the defect, How we will send the defect
    What are Defect Life Cycle Formats?
    Defect / Bug Life Cycle & Defect Management
    What is Defect? Defect Classification, Defect severity & Priority
    Defect Report Template
    Difference between Error/Defect/Bug
    Sample Defect Format, IEET Format, and Sample Test case Format
    Project Testing
    Test Planning, Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Analysis, System Requirements
    Understanding, Clarifications Preparation, Test Preparation
    Identifying & Preparing Test Scenarios
    Designing Test cases and Generating Test Data
    Preparing Traceability Matrix (RTM)
    Test Execution & Types of Testing
    Build Release process, Build Deployment, Smoke/Sanity Testing
    Risk Based Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, Regression Testing, Re-Testing
    End-to-End Testing, Exploratory Testing, Monkey Testing, UI Testing, Functional Testing
    Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing
    Static and Dynamic Testing, Load, Stress and Volume Testing, Compatibility Testing
    Installation Testing, Globalization Testing, Localization Testing, Recovery Testing
    Benchmark Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Alfa Testing, Beta Testing, Agile Testing
    Mutation Testing, Test Management Measurement, Quality Assessments
    What is Test Case? What is Use Case?

    Input Domain Testing
    Boundary Value Analysis (BVA), Equelance Class Portion (ECP)

    Application Life Cycle Management (ALM)
    Introduction about ALM
    How we connect AMLM to other Automation Testing Tools (QTP / UFT / LR)
    How many Tabs Available in ALM
    Difference between TD and QC and ALM
    Versions used in the ALM
    How to work on ALM

    How do you run reports from ALM?
    Can we upload test cases from an excel sheet into ALM
    Can we export the file from ALM to excel?
    What is Requirement Tab, Test Plan Tab, Test lab Tab and Defect Tab?
    How can we add requirements to test cases in ALM?
    Test Engineer Roles and Responsibilities
    Entire Project Descriptions
    Domains related Queries
    How to Face Interview and Interview Tips
    CV Preparation